Split Ends, Knots, Tangles

I am such a victim.  I spend sooo much time detangling deep conditioning, moisturizing, sealing  AHAHHHAAH and yet I am still a victim. But hey thats my life. The cards I was handed and well…..So be it.

What causes split ends?

Split ends occur when the cuticle layer of your hair is damaged or removed. The cuticle layer consists of keratin or dead protein cells that make the shaft strong. These dead protein cells resemble overlapping scales which helps to hold the hair together. Once this has been damaged or removed, the inside layer of hair fibers are exposed and begin to split into two and sometimes three pieces of hair. Split ends don’t always occur at the tip of your hair shaft.

And those knots/tangles

Well I hate to be very simple about this but, well if you have curly hair then, well, they just come =)

Well errrr What to do about it????

Here’s some tips I’ve come across throughout the years, that have helped me vastly reduce my troubles and will hopefully will give you more of a fighting chance.

Detangle your hair when wet

OK I’m sure at some point or another you took a comb or brush to your hair when it was dry and you ended up with this super cool and fly blow out look. Well in doing so, you are setting yourself up for split ends. Probably one of the worst thing you could ever do to your hair, is to use tools on your hair when its dry. Such an inconvenience at times but there are some great products your can apply to your hair, that will not saturate your hair, but you can comb it and keep it moving.  (Remember to detangle from end to root)

Avoid using a brush especially when wet

Back in the day. I found this super awesome brush, that I to this day swear by, as far as brushes go. BUT I was basically snagging far more hair out than shedding and killing my ends. Use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to gently comb your hair. After serving in the Military and having to have my hair neatly pulled back year round, walking away from my brush was an insane challenge, because I was obsessed with frizz free hair. Well I eventually learned how to combat and accept the frizz, so my brush chills at the back of my drawer.

Keep your hair moisturized

After washing your hair, follow up with a leave-in conditioner and lock in that moisture by sealing your hair with a butter or oil that is compatible with your hair. Moisturize daily if needed. This doesnt really serve me any justice, but spritz your hair with plain water.

Minimize the heat from electrical appliances

Or better yet. Try going heat free =) But if you must but out the flat iron or blow dryer, try the cool setting on the hair dryer in order to dry the hair and if you must, use the warm temperature setting and try not to blow dry one section of hair for a long period of time. You want to use as little heat as possible. granted if youre like me and patience isnt on your side, I recommend getting a professional dryer that emitted moisten air rather that dry air (ions) which is less damaging to your hair and reduces drying time

Deep condition your hair as often as need be

Its amazing what deep conditioning does for you hair. I mean you notice like immediately how much softer your hair is and shiny and easy to manage to your touch. Well you hair loved that feeling too and wants it all times. Soooooo what more is there to say about it. Listen to your hair. Some may only need to deep condition once a month and others once a week. And because we know how wonderful protein can be at the same time evil, don’t forget to follow up with a deep conditioning treatment when you perform a protein treatment.

Trim your ends

I thought, at one point of my life that I needed to trim my hair like ever 10 mins lol, but later realized that I was basically cutting off my grown more so than anything, being that I was still ironing and dyeing my hair all the time. In reality you only really need to trim your hair…….well whenever you need to. There isn’t an exact formula. Some say once a year some every few months. The important thing is, is that its getting done. But keep readily in mind that if you are still doing other things to damage your hair, trimming isn’t going to exactly save your day. I guess just more so……calming the storm

Take your time

When you get those knots, exercise patience getting them out. You do not want to just rip the hair tie out of your hair. Try your hardest to get it out as safely as possible. Chances are, your hair can be salvaged, but ripping it out could damage far more that you even had to begin with. Try soaking in conditioner or at the very worst break out some shears before ripping it out.

Satin Satin Satin

Avoid sleeping on cotton pillows or wrapping your hair in cotton. Cotton sucks all the moisture from your hair and leaves it extra dry and frizzy. Using satin caps and sleeping on satin pillows will change your world. I’ve even gone the extra mile to add satin to my beloved knit caps. You can even try to cover your car head rest if you so choose. Just really be mindful of where your hair is resting on. And this includes your cloths too =/ The material could snag your hair and even dry out the bottom of your hair.

Say no to towel dry

Be careful when using towels to dry your hair, especially when you do the whole scrubby method. Wring your hair out as much as you possibly can before exiting the shower and at the most, pat your hair with your towel. I use a microfiber towel on my hair whenever a towel dons my head.

Section and Stretch

I find that when I wash my hair in sections I have a muuuuch easier time detangling my hair, which in turns allows me to knock out of those those tangles and potential knots. I also find that when I stretch my hair out, I have far less tangles or knots in my hair, than when my hair is in its 100% natural curly states. That being said, I tend to do more twist-out type styles than wash and does. Even if I spend all the time in the world detangling my wash-n0-go, I am still guaranteed a knot or two by the end of the day. And thats at the very least.

OMG so much to think about

But I do believe as time progress, all of this will be like second nature and most will be part of your regular routine =) What do you do to combat Split Ends, Knots, Tangles??? Do Share!

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