My Havana Hair

So I’ve been wanting Havana hair for quite some time (my original post).  Myself and my BFF ordered us some hair from and the hair came to us super fast. The hair is really really REALLY dry, yet crazy soft. Its easy to use, as it comes already sectioned off, so some guess work is already removed.  You can easily remove the hair over and over again and reapply and the hair will look just as new. Which is awesome if you have no clue what you are doing. It does tangle a lot but the hair is amazing in the way that when getting the knots out, it didn’t turn all frizzy and extra nappy.

The Amber really matched my hair a lot, so if you are looking for a light brown/blondish color, this is the color for you. I used Chestnut Black for the back of my head.

photo 1(1)

After watching tutorials on it I just knew that I would be able to install this hair myself. And well I kindda did. I install them on my BFF and ran into a few snappoos. The hair was not staying in and it look sooooo obviously different and it was coming a loose. So well she lost confidence in my skillz =/ But determined, I went back to you tube and rounded up some of the best tutorials on how to get this hair to look fab on your own.

What I did

photo 1(2)

  • I following the Senegalese method – twist every time you twist. This is going to make you mad like for real in the beginning, but once you get it, you will be all smilez.
  • I combed out each section of the havana hair to minimize tangling and it helped my hair to blend into it
  • I applied a leave-in and a twist out cream to my hair, to provide slippage to my hair and tone down frizz
  • Dip the ends in boiling how water. I did not roll my ends, but you can use curling rods or aluminum foil.

Tutorial =)


photo 2(1)

In all honesty, I only kept the twist in for a solid week. They were killing the $#&@ out of my brain. I made the mistake of making my sections too small in the front and adding too much hair, in turn weighting down my hair and tugging on my scalp. When I took my hair out, my scalp was soooo sore =/ I received so many compliments and truely loved the hair, but mmmmmm I cannot predict when/if I will put them back in. I’m slightly paranoid now.

photo 4(1)

Last Impressions

Maybe I’ll get them professionally done next time. BUUTT My BFF got hers professionally done (which looks stunning) and after a month one pulled out of her scalp. She immediately removed then from her head. I mean yeah she has fine hair, but grrrr I don’t know. I’m already extra iffy on braids as it is so who knows. I guess its cool having the option and knowing that I can do them myself when I do feel like it.

My BFF VickyVale. Havana hair color Darkest Espresso

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