Say No to Wash-n-Go???

LMAO this video had me rolling. And in summation, they clearly do not like the concept of wash-n-go’s. I actually agree with them to an extent……Ok yes I am guilty of enduring a period in my life where I felt that my head was intended specifically for wash-n-go’s and yes to this day I’ll squeeze one in every so often. For me its generally quick, in a rush, on the go type of hair. But I will admit that my hair would always end of a hot tangled mess. Tangles turn in to knots, that at times I had to cut out.  Now today I’ve improved my methods, but no matter what I still find tangles. No where nearly as before but still tangles. I also can hardly do much of anything to my hair the following day, therefor if I wanted to rawk a wash-n-go on day 2, Id have to wet my hair again……and well thats just too much going on. I know for me, my hair at times feel a little parched by the end of the day when I do a wash-n-go. I tend to do them more during the summer since its so nice out, but the sun puts a beating on my hair. Some Mommas can werk it. My besty loves her some wash-n-go’s and dont suffer the way I do. So unlike these divas who are saying NO to wash-n-go’s I’m saying be mindful and realistic. The most important thing is the health of your hair.

If you have to use a product to create a curl patter then you may want to stay clear of wash-n-go’s

If you are tangle prone, wash-n-go’s should not be your default style…..EVER

Detangle your hair before washing to minimize tangling

Try spraying a good detangling spray/leave-in or hair milk on an old twist out to create the look of a wash-n-go

Try spritzing your hair with water and then covering with a plastic cap before bed. This will help keep it moist for day 2 hair.

So make sure you are keeping your hair moisturized.

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