Shea Butter Hair Mix


  • Seal moisture into my hair
  • moisturize my scalp
  • Twist-out/braid-out
  • Lotion (BOMB for for feet, elbows and knees)
  • To name a few

Making the mix is crazy simple. I pretty much make my mixes freehand. Depending on my mood I’ll keep it simple or get creative.

What you Need

  • Shea butter (solid state) Or Any other type of Butter
  • Coconut Oils
  • Carrier Oils
  • Essential Oils
  • Blender or Hand Mixer
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Jars (storage)

Then you …..

1. Whip the Shea butter (from its solid state) with the hand mixer until it becomes very light and creamy. You need a deep bowl as the shea butter does quite the dance until it softens.
If you choose to, you can sit the butter in warm water to start the melting process before whipping. Just be careful to not burn the butter.
If you are using a blender, just toss the butter in the blender

2. Add in your oils

3. Continue whipping until everything is blended completely.

4. That’s it you’re done!!!

If you the butter remains fluffy, you will keep a fluffy consistency and its pretty much ready to use
If it turned into a liquid state, you will need to wait for it to harden. This can take  few hours. (You can stick it in the fridge to expedite) Once its solid, more that likely it will be much firmer than fluffy. But still just as great.

Watch me make it

This is how I make my hair butter using my VITAMIX. I’ve also used my Ninja, but the illipe butter being so hard, it blends better in the VITAMIX

I normally order Shea and Mango butter from Butters-n-bars but wanted to try these other butters and ordered from Garden State Naturals. They since then have jacked their prices way up =(

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