My Honey Child

My Honey Child is AWEESSSOOMMEE. She has a massive selection and can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to what to choose. She does have a sample pack for $23 buck, but is offering an amazing special, where you get 4 1oz samples and you just pay shipping. I ordered 2 of them, with the thought that my hair is super thick and the 1oz sample size wasn’t going to be enough. The samples are randomly selected.

I am absolutely a fan. The products are 100% natural and reading the ingredients, they aren’t that complicated. I can imagine her in the kitchen whipping this stuff up. (Which I’m sure that if I took the time, I could whip up some version myself)

What  I love about this line, is that I feel that it was made specifically for me =) Ok for people like me. Us ladies with Type 4 hair, with that super thick, moisture sucking, kinky nappy curly hair.  She has My Honey child Type 4 Hair Creme. Not a type 4, she also has one for type 2 and 3 hair as well =)

I find that it is hard to find products for Type 4 divas and actually work. I’ve tried some products and was like ehhhh it’ll do, which is one of the many reasons why I started making my own products. Either over priced for hardly any results, or too many chemicals.  But with MHC I’m like YES!!!!! Krika Bradshe, the founder of Sophia Sunflower Salon, Inc ….I wanna shake your hand lol. All I ask is for her to not get too commercial and change the ingredients, adding a bunch of crap in em. I’m not above a chemical here and there, but when I know there is no need for them, please spare me.

So far everything is DOPE STAMP CERTIFIED!!!

Honey Bee Sweet Scalp Exfoliator

What it is:  Hydrating clarifying scalp cleanser
What it does: Deep cleanses removes product residue, build-up, dirt and oil, revitalizes dull no shine hair.
Benefits:  Castor oil make the hair fuller and shinier, deeply conditions and moisturize hair and scalp ,prevents dry scalp.
Who benefits :  People  who perform condition washes frequently .

Details: The Honey Bee Sweet Scalp Exfoliator is a clarifying shampoo that leaves hair shiny, super clean and fresh.

This clarifer is sulfate free and there is absolutely not a single bubble to be found. Ive used other sulfate free products and have been able to find a little suds but when I used this I kept wandering if I was using enough. There was maybe the tiny trace of lather. With the the 1oz sample size, it was enough to do what I needed to do for my hair (mainly my scalp), so with this a little will last you.   In the end my hair felt great. There wasn’t a stripped feeling and I didn’t hear those squeaky clean sounds.   I was happy.  I think this would be another great alternative for those that don’t feel like mixing anything and want a one stop shop when it comes to hair cleansing. In comparison to Avalon Organic Lemon clarifier, I was equally happy with the two.  As far as the ingredients, MHC slaps AOLC in the face for all of its extra-ness. AOLC has far more ingredient and has sulfate, so if you are big on ingredients, MHC is the direction you wanna go. But its gonna cost you a little more per oz =/ Both are prices at $10 but, MHC renders 8oz and AOLC is 11oz

Honey Hair Mask
What is it : Moisturizing deep conditioner
What does it do: This decadent formula delivers a blend of butters that moisturize the hair fiber, and boost radiance.
Benefits: Vitamin E works to stabilize the cell membranes in your hair follicle, thereby contributing to proper growth. Since free radicals can damage your hair cells as well as the other types of cells in your body, you need vitamin E to help protect them.
Who benefits: People who want to maintain softer hair that is more manageable.

So when I hear the term Hair Mask I think of something thick and will coat my hair. This was nothing like that at all.  It was rather thin and felt much like any other conditioner on the market. I did apply to my hair and left it on for apx 30 mins (its suggested 10mins) before rinsing out with cool water.  I received 2 of these (one in each of my sample packs) and thank goodness I did. I used 1 1/2 of the jars on my hair and I promise I was being diligent and was trying to cover my hair with just one.  If you have a lot of hair I can see this running out rather quickly. Thats the one con I can think of, cus this stuff is BOMB!!!!!!!! First off it really smells delicious. Just like honey. If you are sensitive to smells this may not be for you, because its pack with the  smell of yumm yummmzy honey.  Second and Ill be honest, I was initially like not impressed with how thin this hair mask was, and it shut me up when I washed it out. LAWD this stuff really works. My hair was really soft and needed no additional leave in to follow. It’s priced at $19 for 16oz and $10 for 8oz.

Herbal Hair Cocktail
 What is it : Liquid spray leave in conditioner

What does it do: Detangles and hydrates
Benefits : Herbal extracts provide antimicrobial properties, seaweed complex also fortifies the hair with essential plant based vitamins and minerals.
Who benefits: People with dry ,damaged hair that is difficult to detangle.

I want to say that this is going to be my new leave in hair spray. I need more time with it to tell for sure and all I had was 1oz. But I can say that I sprayed 1/2 of my head (before it ran out) and the other 1/2 with Beautiful Curls Curl Reviving Tonic and MHC blew BC out of the water. My twist out the following day on the MHC side was flawless and the BC side was  just OK in comparison and was a bit frizzy/puffy. I was always on the fence with BC Curl Reviving Tonic. Just using it because I had it and it was cleaner than my Ion Miracle Leave-In Conditioner (which is still my #1). This is def much better than the BC spray. WOOT WOOT!!!

Honey Hair Creme

What is it: Heavy moisturizing hair creme for thick hair
What does it do: Provides shiny, hydrated curls
Benefits: Almonds contain alpha-tocopherol, which is a major source of Vitamin E and is hence really great for healthy hair and skin.
Who benefits: People with very dry hair, and great for children.

Yes this is something that can easily be made at home (which is one of my favorite past times), but if that’s not your thing then this is where you need to be looking. This hair cream is just perfect and for me a great alternative and addition to my hair regimen. This is a butters butter packed with shea, coconut, cocoa, and almond butter. There are no oils here, just raw honey and its great for pretty much anything you can think of. Great for edge control.  Smells really nice too.  It’s priced comparable to Carol Daughters Healthy Hair Butter, which runs at $17 for 8oz. I’d put my pennies on MHC. I used CD Healthy Hair Butter throughout the first few years of my transition period and I prefer my own hair butter over it. Now if I’m too lazy to make my own butter,  MHC Honey Hair Creme is standing strong next to Butter-N-Bars Grow my Hair. If I had this creme 6 years ago, I probably would have never learned how to make my own butters, because this is just that good.

Other products I received but haven’t tried yet:

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