Perm Free, Rain dont Scare Me

tumblr_l90o7q8Q5n1qd54pto1_500Sooo today its drizzling and then I looked in the mirror I question what I’m going to do with my hair. I had been wearing my hair stretched all week, but the weather is not going to allow that.  So I spritz it with some diluted leave in, fluffed my hair and called it a day. Since growing my hair out, a little drizzle is nothing to me.  Anyways, after getting to work, I headed to Starbucks for my cup of Joe and now its raining. No big deal. Its just right next door and there are awnings covering some of my path. No worries. Inside I see a coworker, whose heading to 711 across the street. I say that Ill walk with and he tells me nahhh cus your hair is going to get wet. I’m like uuuhhh I’m the least bit worried bout my hair getting wet. Walked out of Starbucks Nappy and Proud. What’s a little water gonna do to my hair? Commenced to walking across the street then the rest of me got wet and I turned the other way and went back in to my building LMAO.

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