Turn a Blah Conditioner into a Deep Conditioner you’ll Love

So you scooped up a conditioner and you’re not loving it. Better yet, you’d probably be better off without, because you wasted your time applying it and you cant even tell the difference. Mmmmm Hummm. Trust I know allll about it. My hair is very finicky. It likes a handful of products and I’m too lazy to return them when I don’t like it, so I end up giving away or tossing.  Now the one thing I did summon the energy to get my money back was AS I AM. Lawd that stuff is tooo expensive to collect dust. Sorry I know some naturalistas swear by it, but for me Yeah, No!

OK sorry, back on topic.

Well for those random bottles of conditioner that I have chilling in my vanity, I not only use to shave my legs with (who need shaving cream it works just as good if not better), but as a deep conditioner. No need to go buying expensive deep conditioners when you don’t have too.  Especially, when you’re still trying to figure what works on your hair. I personally am a fan of mixing stuff up myself. Some complain that its too much work, but this deep conditioner is simple. Seriously, you can use whatever conditioner or oils that tickle your fancy. I know some people like to make it a science, but in my opinion you don’t really need to.

What you need:

Whatever you have. Doesn’t really matter. You can even mix em.

Caster oil
Coconut Oil
Avocado Oil
Jojoba Oil

Its really up to you =)

Aloe Vera juice (a great option)

Then what:

Pour everything into a bottle that’s easy to squeeze from.
For example, I used an old bottle from the Body Shop.
You can also those bottles with the pointed squeeze top.
By all means you can use a bowl, but I believe you will find it easier if you don’t.

And then:

Shake up the contents and apply to your hair.
(You will need to shake up a few times as the oil will separate from the conditioner)


Throw on a plastic cap and let it sit for as long as you can. I typically it keep on for at least 2 hrs. If my hair is very dry, I’ll try for longer.
You can even leave on overnight, but I recommend you doing that with leave in conditioner rather than regular conditioner as they are meant to be washed out and if left in too long can actually dry your hair. Some will give you a time line on the back of the bottle. So keep that in mind. Personally, I sleep too wild and don’t want oils getting all over my sheets so I don’t mess with the overnight stuff. If I need to run errands while I’m deep conditioning, I throw on a knit cap or a cute hair wrap.


That’s it:

Just wash out and with cool water and go on with the rest of your hair regimen.

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