Lavish Curls by CURLS

Curls Lavish Curls Moisturizer - 8 fl. oz.

Yes it does soften my hair
Yes it does smell super amazing (like grapefruit)
Yes it has decent slip
Sure it reactivates
But only for 10 minutes tops will you be happy

Product claim:

Are your curls dry, dull and lifeless? Give them just what they need! daily moisture! This EXCEPTIONAL moisturizer will hydrate, condition and revive your curls, restoring their natural beauty. Consider this your “under wear for your hair.” Revive your 2nd day bed head curls with Lavish Curls for a fresh new start, without recleansing!

Hummmm. Ive been trying really hard to like this product, but I had to letter go.

At first I was like celebrating. Running around the house telling my roommate to smell and feel. I was sooo stoked. I did one double strand twist and was like “look how nice it curls”……..The following day when I took the twist out after it had dried, that twist though it did look super cute, its was also puffy. Not controlled or defined as I had expected.

2nd attempt:  I sprayed it over my hair in sections to ensure even distribution over an old twist out. Rubbed it throughout my hair. My curls we in fact reactivated and luscious. I was pleased. My hair resembled an old wash and go (kindda big but still curly enough).  Ok enough with how my hair looked, I was prepared to rock it to work, BUT before I even finished getting dressed, my hair had shrunked and compacted quite alot. Now I don’t mind my hair in it full out shrunken curly state as long a it looks uniform. The problem I have is that I have layers still and the more condensed my hair is the more those layers show and my hair start looking clownish. Well as this dried my hair just stacked on the stop of my head and flat in the back. My hair looked so swollen and frizzy. Disaster. I had to pin and fluff and pin again to look presentable.  I decided that I will  NEVER WILL I EVER USE THIS AGAIN.

3rd attempt:  So this was hanging out in my rommie bathroom every since I decided that this wasnt going to work for me. Well I asked her if she tried it……And with no response from her it ended back in my bathroom. (guess she wasnt feeling it either). Well I say give it one more go. So here we are doing a full on twist out. The first twist I tried with it did look ok. Maybe I need to twerk it a little.  OK so I sprayed on my hand and mixed with my HM shea butter mix. Rubbed in my hair and then twisted. I tried a little pin curl style that I saw one of my girlfriends do to her straightened chem-free hair. I was actually happy with the results. Twist came out just nice as they did the first time, but a bit more defined. Not sure if it was the way I pin curled or what. Maybe it was the shea….Not sure. Anyways that joy was short measured. As the day progressed my hair became frizzy and swollen. It still managed to still be cute. If you didnt see me when I first started my day, you could think that was the look I was going for.  But I knew…….

I can see how this could be an awesome product for someone else, but I want to say that I shouldn’t have even been messing with this product to begin with. Maybe its me. Thats where I’m going with it. This product does has glycerin in it, which is something that I do not use in my normal regimen. Years ago I did add glycerin to a shea butter mix and remember not liking it. That’s all I can relate to when it comes to glycerin. So maybe thats my deal with this. It’s not meant for me.

I want a chem-free hair juice =( I’m done trying to force this into being it.

OBTW: The bottle sucks. It squirts out in a stream rather than a spray. Its also a bit thick and sticky. I find it easier to pour in my hand and apply that way. Otherwise youll be playing target practice.

Here’s that pin-curl twist-out I was telling you about.

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