Shea Moisture Hair Color System


Yeah Ummmm Me no likey. I’m serious. I really tried and I’m a big fan of Shea Moisture, but heeeerrrrmmmm this color system is pretty close to a complete bust. Wish it wasn’t true, but I have a lot of issues with this product, so sorry, but I’m about to put on my Debby Downer hat.

Price Point. Its $14.99 for hair coloring system, which is the most expensive home color system on the Target shelves (which happens to be the only place you can purchase). Anyone care to explain why???

So in the box you will find 3 additional travel sized products:

  • Moisture Retention Shampoo 1oz
  • Moisture Restorative Conditioner 1oz
  • Reconstructive Finishing Elixir Oil .5oz

The portions are double the size of the typical .5oz that comes in other coloring kits. I’m guessing that’s whats drawing the price up.  Me personally could live my whole life without this, as I do not like the Shampoo, Conditioner or the oil. It  does absolutely nothing for my hair but make it mad. I do use and love the SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus collection so I do believe in the SheaMoisture line and stand by it. BUT their Moisture collection is not for me.  We do not all have the same hair type therefor these products are not going to work the same for everyone, so we shouldn’t be charged for it. I personally think they need to change this, because basically I am paying $9.00 for what normally comes free in other kits, though smaller portion. I literally used the included products because I paid for them and my BFF doesnt like it either =/

Packaging. It is sooooo hard to tell what color you are going to put in your hair. Its really a strong guess. I do find the packaging creative, using water color paintings by Maryland artist Michael Jamal, but I do believe creative worked against rather than for in this case. Perhaps in the inner flap, they could have used a real picture…..I’m just saying. Its hard to tell the darker colors apart and the lighter browns are very similar. The only colors that are easy to detect are the light browns, the blonds and the red.

Another complaint is to the applicator bottle. Lawd that bottle was pissing me off to no end. I could not get the dye out of that tube aside from little baby squirts. I wanted to poke a bigger hole but was concerned that I would make a mess since I wasn’t dying only certain sections. Youre either going to need to poke a bigger whole or use a bowl. Otherwise, you will be going ham on that bottle.


Product. The coloring isn’t very effective. You really need to have light hair in order to really see any major results. My BFF used the Dark Golden Blond auburn color and you could barely see any results and what you could see was only in super bright light. Even her blond highlights didn’t have much of a change; a hint of brown.

Keeping that in mind I went for the Light Blond and returned some decent results. Nothing dramatic. This is not at all for those that are drama inclined. If you are looking for a subtle coloring, then you have met your match. I do like that this product does not contain ammonia and uses as many natural products as possible, its just not enough for me personally. My hair resulted very similar to the color that I had already, so I am pleased, but I did want something lighter. After 12 years in the Navy and being very limited to the risk I could take with my hair, I really wanted to try something lighter and edgier. This didn’t really do that for me. I’m not mad. Just underwhelmed…..

Before:  Sectioned with twist ties and colored only those sections


After:  Results aren’t that much differ than before




OBTW:  I also saw some YouTube videos, where ladies were saying how soft their hair felt…..Well I don’t know wassup with my hair, because it felt no softer than before I started. If not less. Usually when I color my hair, it does feel sooooo soft, but this wasnt the case. My hair eventually sat on the top of my head like a q-tip. I immediately followed with a HM deep conditioner. Like I literally wasn’t going to make it another day without deep conditioning my hair. But hey that’s neither here nor there, but felt I needed to mention…..The last pic is actually after it was deep conditioned. Sorry I don’t have a better one. I’ll share the receipt soon.

8 responses to “Shea Moisture Hair Color System

  1. Thanks for the honest review. I was noticing on youtube that the people that colored their hair with this was not that much of a difference. But they were stating how much they loved it, I was like, where is the color?

    • HAHA!! You are so very welcome and thanks for stopping by. I did see one video where the girl was saying that the light auburn (I think) didn’t work for her hair so she used the red instead (which worked). But I JUST knew that by using a super blond it would work…….And well it did something. For an ammonia free product, I guess you cannot expect too much or be really mad huh??? =/

  2. Thank you for this review. When it comes to this product, probably because its Shea Moisture, people try to sugar coat it, when in reality all the videos I’ve seen, it is complete blah! I’ve seen a lot of girls with either had colored heads, no change at all, or a color they weren’t expecting at all. Thank you for again for being honest and giving the true actual results. Now I know for SURE I definitely won’t waste my money.

    • You’re welcome. Thank you for visiting. I still love Shea Moisture, just not sure where they are going with their coloring system. Still 14.99….So I guess they are confident in their marketing scheme.

  3. I wish I could have found your review before I purchased this. Not worth the $15 cost! The hair color was no where near on the box. I purchased the bright auburn & the color came out looking like the cheap $4 hair color of a burgundy around the edges only. The color didn’t take anywhere else on my natural hair.

  4. What color did u use on your hair. I actually LIKE IT!!! And if u don’t mind what did u do to style it? I see the color on natural hair looks straight and the ones above it an afro (for lack of a better word) And ur right the boxes are deceiving. What I thought was the Red box was Bright Auburn!? Found u searching for this product! THANKS…

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