The Amazing VITAMIX

So whats the deal with the VITAMIX?

Well the VITAMIX became an addition to my home all because, I just could not get my full day portion of veggies in my life. I tried…..I really tired… I can barely remember to take my multivitamins so veggie in the pill form just wasn’t cutting it. Well a coworker of mine decided to start juicing and well yeah me no doing no juicing lol. Butttt he had a bunch of literature on the nutritional benefits so I took a stroll with him down to Robeks…..CHANGED MY LIFE lol. OK so I didn’t and still don’t do the whole juicing bit. But I did enjoy their fruit and veggie smoothies. Kale, carrots and spinach in a cup yuuuummmmy. After a few visits to Robeks, I was like whose doing this every day lol. Super expensive. Being I can do this myself kinnda person, I decided to take it to my Ninja, but it just wasn’t the same =( My cousin had a VITAMIX and after seeing the cost, I was like Oh Helllz No!!! But still motivated to get on board with my veggie drinks, I think I watched like a million YouTube videos and in November 2012, I broke the bank and purchased me a VITAMIX.


The Vitamix is an amazing blender. It’s like the Kitchen-Aid for bakers or something. I love it and don’t regret a single dime. I use it for absolutely everything and have made my lifestyle changes soooo much easier.  My favorite thing about it is how easy it is to use. There’s only a couple of switches and after a tiny bit of trial and error, you’ll be a pro in no time. The only thing to complain about is that it’s a bit tall and kindda hard to store under cabinets, but it’s no big deal to me. I’m using it so much that I don’t even notice. Its crazy easy to clean too. Just run it with a dab of soap and rinse out.


I really try hard to keep away from anything processed. So I don’t just use this for my veggie drinks, I no longer by tomato sauce or marinades, or peanut butter to name a few. I make it in my VITAMIX. I also grate my cheese, and dice up my onions, mushrooms……whatever for cooking. Keep them sealed in my fridge and they are ready to go when I cook dinner. No need to buy pre-cut veggies ever. I also use it for my hair butter mixes, to chop up my black soap or for my conditioners. I use to spend forever trying to get the oils out of my Ninja, but with the VITAMIX, first of all everything comes out perfectly smooth, but it’s dumb easy to clean. No oil residue left behind.

So thats the VITAMIX =) If you’re thinking of investing….Do your research. The Blendtec is another awesome blender. Also surf the net a bit for best prices. I’m being told that Costco sells the VITAMIX for a great price. To bad that was after my purchase.

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