Imma Knit Cap Luva


I’m an avid knit cap wearer. I love em on super cold days keep my ears warm =). I really love the fact that I don’t have to do anything to my hair and I still look fly. Especially when I’m waiting for my twist outs to set/dry. It’s not like I can wear a regular hat and I figure just because my hair is big, it doesn’t mean I can’t have a hat day.

Only major issue is that my hat day makes my hair worse off. I just suck all the juice out of my hair, leaving my hair dry and parched. In other words a hot crazy mess…..And yet I still rock my cap strong and proud regardless of the repercussions.

Then I was watching a YouTube video where this lady was covering her hair with satin prior to her wig cap and then her wig so the cap doesn’t dry her hair out…………..Well dagggg why not do that in my knit cap?

Well I like to consider myself a part time DIYer.  But one thing I cannot do is sew. I can stitch but cannot figure out that machine. I claim I’m going to take classes…..One day. Anyways I tried my best to stich some satin around the inside of my cap. It only took me a couple hours but I now have satin inside of my knit cap =)

If you decide to attempt this, make the satin a little bigger than the cap so there’s room for your hair. Satin doesn’t stretch like your cap will so you need that extra room.

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