Beautiful Curls Review UPDATED =(

This product line has now falled into the “mmmm its ok??” category. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. There are far better natural hair care lines out there. I did appreciate that it is a certified Fair Trade company, but that’s not enough for me to invest in any further. Everything is just ok really, but what kept me rooting was the Shampoo because my hair really did feel great after use. But the buildup is just too much for me.  (Please read my update on the Curl Activating Shampoo below) 4/22/2013

Original post: 3/21/2013

I actually really like it. This is a pretty nice product line. Its made by ALAFFIA a certified Fair Trade company and I’m all about that =) I used the Curl Activating Shampoo, Curl Activating  Leave-In Conditioner, Curl Reviving Tonic and the Hydrating Curl Oil. And a little goes a long way. So far I’m pretty pleased with this line. I use all of the mentioned products, minus the oil to do my twist out. I didn’t even include my normal HM Shea butter mix and returned beautiful twists. I was sooo impressed I wore the twist themselves for 2 days and they didn’t even look dry. I used the oil only by the 3rd day to mind the frizzies and to take the twist out.  My twist out held nicely for a few days.

twist out
652-lg_2223_detailThe Hydrating Curl Oil is nice and light.  It absorbs very well and doesn’t leave you with a greasy feeling, which is important to me since my hair hangs in my face a lot. My skin is already questionable, I don’t need any extra oils on it.  You can also easily use this on those knees and elbows and not look like you’re about to go into a deep fryer. This oil is actually pretty nice. I pour a little dab in my hand and rub over my twists before taking them out or on my old twist outs. Helps keep the frizz down. I’m not a big oil applier, since I’m always concerned about too many oils on my hair transferring to my face……But I don’t mind this oil. I cant say I’d buy it again, but while I have it I’ll use it. I have some Argon oil that I never use…..I guess I should since it wasn’t cheap. Maybe Ill mix in some shea butter. I do think its something that can easily be made yourself or some rendition of it. I’m sure if you are a natural hair care mixologist you can whip this up with stuff you have around the house already. My roomie has her own version that she swears by =) Sorry I digress. Price: $8.99


The Curl Reviving Tonic isn’t so bad…..I’m not calling it my staple, but its nice to spritz on my hair when its in need of some moisture. I was hoping this would be my new spray on leave in, but its not. I know thats not what its intended for, but I believe in the unconventional. I’m currently using Ion Miracle Leave-In Conditioner, which I love, but want something “cleaner”. I will say that it does aid nicely with my twist outs. For me, this does revive my curls, but my hair just doesn’t do right. It eventually frizzes all crazy, so I just use it in place of water when I want to moisten my hair. I like it waaaaaaay better than CURLS Quenched Curls Moisturizer. I just wish it smelled as nice. The Curl Reviving Tonic doesn’t have that great of a smell, but I hardly even notice the smell, so its not much of a bother. Price: $8.79 on

The Curl Activating  Leave-In Conditioner that per direction, is to be applied to wet hair.  I kindda missed the fact that this was a leave-in conditioner ( I thought it was regular conditioner). I’m a little against leave-ins of this nature, since I don’t wash my hair too often. I do prefer leave ins that I can use on wet and dry hair. For my first time using, I followed directions and its a decent leave in. I do prefer Giovanni Conditioner Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture better for comparison purposes. I think Giovanni slips more. This conditioner is very thick and creamy. I think I’ll mix some random shampoo in it and make it a co-wash being that I’ll probably never get around to really using it……. Not because I don’t like it, but because of how I have to use it. Trust my bottle of Giovanni is sitting there chilling too……Price: $9.99 on


UPDATE 4/22/13:

I tried this shampoo again, just throwing it on my hair and doing the lather bit and grrrrrrr even with using hot water, it just caked up on my scalp. I just wanted to do a quick hair wash. Something without a lot of steps and I ended up being soooo mad. I thought I could use this shampoo with some hot water and let it run down my scalp, but that didnt help. This shampoo was determined to stick around. OK  OK OK I know in my original post I said I would need to clarify first before using so I blamed me for not following my own advice. Wellll I shared some with a good friend of mine, who used it on her daughters hair. She did a pre wash with Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Shampoo prior to using BC curl activating shampoo per my cautions. She reported that she loved how her hair felt but hated that she had to wash 3 times to get it out.

I do stand by the fact that it does give Beautiful Curls as the name suggest, but if you don’t wash your often, then this may not be the product for you (unless you dont mind this product chilling on your scalp) After spending more time then I intended trying to get the shampoo out of my hair only to find that it was still in my hair when was applying the leave-in conditioner, I had to leave it in. I was running late and would have to address it later when I returned home. My scalp didn’t feel itchy when it dried and my hair looked fabulous. So I guess it wont kill you, but its def not good for you either =/

Original Post 3/21/2013

I don’t want to put this Curl Activating Shampoo down, because in all actuality it is a great shampoo. Me and this shampoo had some serious conflict, but we’ve come to good terms….My hair didn’t have a nice clean feel and that could because it really didn’t clean my hair. I’d have to be sure to do an ACV wash first or clean my hair more often when using this shampoo. With this shampoo I felt like I was coating my hair rather than taking away if that makes since. And I don’t mean it to be a bad thing in this case. It’s filled with Shae butter and I’ve tried products with Shea butter in them, but this shampoo is like shampooing with a tub if Shae butter. This explains why it was caking on my scalp. I was using cool water and it was hardening the shampoo. Soooooo you must use warm to hot water. No cold or cool water washing here =( I also can’t follow my hair washing regime, because you need to wash this shampoo out fairly quickly. Otherwise it starts to cool and harden on your scalp and you will end up washing all over again…… I did find it a little challenging to do medium size twists, as it kept unraveling….This shampoo has a looooot of slip. I ended up doing really small twist. It was a happy accident to say the least. I think it will be prefect for you wash and goers….. I’m certain it would yield beautiful bouncy curls….Price: $9.99 on

There is also a line for Wavy and Curly hair as well. Be sure to check my find it cheaper links on the side for better pricing. I paid retail at WholeFoods and that’s a no no.

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    • You are so very welcome. I hope it works out for you and do share your experience with it =) I promise I wanted to trash the shampoo, but I hung in there and now love it!!

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