Give Me More Lashes Please!

Well gals it’s seems nowadays the ladies are obessed with lashes and eyebrows. Now I’m not a fan of the Snuffleupagus eyelashes. I’m more into looking natural as possible. So in this list I will give you some of my top picks for mascara and to get them lashes looking lavish without using falsies or curlers.

Chanel De Love Mascara

Chanel De Love Mascara

My top pick for beautiful lashes is Chanel’s Le Volume De Chanel….OMG my bestie had been raving about Chanel’s mascara for years to me. Chanel is now her staple mascara it seems. So one day we were in the mall and we stopped at the make-up counter and I tried it and was in LOVE instantly…This mascara promises to volumize, lenghten, and stretch lashes to their fullest. This mascara lives up to it’s claims; it most definitely lengthens, volumizes, gives a nice swipe, doesn’t clump, and most of all doesn’t cause eye irritation which is a big thing for me. This mascara is $30 and be sure to try the rest of the Chanel line. You wont be disappointed.


M.A.C Cosmetics Haute & Naughty

The second best mascara that’s ever touched my eyes is by my favorite folks MAC cosmectics. This is also something my bestie turned me on too. I tried some that she had tucked away in her famous make-up case and once again I was in love. The Haute & Naughty mascara is a two in one. The Haute the lightweight swiper that  is for when you want more tone downed lashes for like work or hanging with friends, then the Naughty heavier swiper is when you want a more dramatic look you know date night with the man or any type of party where fierceness is required. This mascara does not clump nor is it eye irritant either. It provides nice length as well. I wouldn’t say it’s the best one for volume but it’s still a top choice. You can purchase this mascara from MAC or Macy’s for $20.

Now for my sista’s on a budget I have a couple more options that won’t break the bank and are pretty awesome! Their available at Walgreens, Target, Walmart, CVS, and your local grocery stores.

Rimmel's Scandaleyes Lycra Flex

Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Lycra Flex

Rimmel oh my I can’t say enough about their products. I’m absolutely in love with two of their mascara’s and for around $7 you can own either one.

Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Lycra Flex is AWESOME. This mascara promises to make lashes full, voluputous, and soft…It contains lycra which helps stretch and lenghten the eyes…Trust me when I say this mascara delivers please believe it!

Rimmel mascara is Glam'eyes

Rimmel mascara is Glam’eyes

The second Rimmel mascara is Glam’eyes. This mascara promises to seperate, intensify, and volumize the eyelashes. This mascara delivers however I think it can get a little hard feeling over the day if you overcoat it so don’t try using more than two swipes on your eyelashes. For me  Scandaleyes wins this battle because you only need one coat and your lashes feel like pillows.  I did not experience clumping nor eye irritation with either of these.

Queen Collection Lash Fanatic Mascara

Covergirl Queen Collection Lash Fanatic Mascara


Covergirl Queen Collection Lash Fanatic Mascara it claims to provide seperation and the appearance of more lashes. This mascara does absolutely that, plus it’s one of the best options for us contact wearers and people with eye sensitivities.  I’m absolutely in love with their Queen collection one of my favorite budget friendly collections and I advise people if you can find products in that line use them! around the $6 range at most stores.



Covergirl Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Mascara

Covergirl Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Mascara


Lastly is Covergirl Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Mascara for brown eyes. This mascara light reflecting to particles to bring out the color of your eyes and define your lashes. To me it did that to my brown eyes it seemed to bring the color out and make it look more brighter. As with all my other choices I didn’t experience any clumping or eye irritation. will cost you around the $6 range at most stores.



All these mascara’s provide a natural look that will cause most to be envious of you if applied right without the need for false lashes. I hope this review helps someone traverse through the sea of choices for sprucing up our lashes. Until next time lovelies. Good Luck!

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