Tangle Wrangler Brush


This detangling brush is a beast of epic proportions. Soooo it was intended for the grooming of horses, but ummmm I’m not sure what that says about my hair, but this brush works miracles. It is by far the best tool that I have ever put to my head for detangling. I no longer hear snapping noises or feel like I’m combing all of my hair out. I’ve used the Tangle Wrangler on my dry hair (even though I dont recommend this) and it was soooo easy to comb through my hair.  Normally when I’m detangling my hair, the comb ends up being slippery because of the products in my hair, but this brush’s handle has grooves that prevents it from hitting the floor.



After 1 week of no detangling

This brush is designed with seven unique flexible comb rows that bend out and snap back to loosen even the toughest tangles, snarls and wind knots. This design helps avoid the ripping and tearing that you would get with a brush that has fixed bristles. This sturdy brush will last and last because it has nothing to pull out or fall apart.

I now only use the Tangle Wrangler or finger detangle……Nothing else. I don’t even bother to use a comb for much of anything anymore =)

I ordered mines through Valley Vet.com. You can also find this brush on Amazon.com and if you look around you can find a great price. Just don’t pay anything more than 10 bucks including shipping.

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