Numéro Magazine ‘African Queen’ Editorial Uses White Model Ondria Hardin

I’m just confused as to why they could not find a women of color for this photoshoot. Seriously, I’ve traveled to some of the top cities in the world and have seen some of the most beautiful black women, so ummmmm what went wrong here? Someone epically failed.

Major thumbs up to Ondria Hardin because she is looking extra fierce and is working that bronze just so lovely and to the makeup artist, because if I didn’t read the headlines I might not have known.

o-NUMERO-MAGAZINE-AFRICAN-QUEEN-570Check out Huffington Post for the full scoop.

 Wellll, Numéro Magazine did apologize though (their apology). I just cannot stop shaking my head. Of course ART. I get art. I love art. I’m very open minded and love to play devil’s advocate and I still don’t get it. I’d be more open to it reading ‘White women portraying an African Queen’ rather than calling her an ‘African Queen’ especially when she’s not even African. She’s American. And if she was from Africa, she could have just posed in her bare skin. Charlize Thereon is absolutely stunning and she can easily be called an ‘African Queen’ for the sake of all argument. Maybe a little disclaimer of the artist’s vision……COMPLETE FAIL!!!!


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