Get off Ms. Solange Hair

I shouldda been doign some homework or better yet sleeping =) but I was surfing the net and come across this article (click here) discussing how ladies were going cray cray on my Ms. Solange Hair????? (I know I’m late)

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OMG this annoys the Bjeebiez out of me. Seriously who are these people that have so many issues with this woman’s hair. This is exactly why women are so afraid to step out and remove themselves from relaxers. They are afraid of haters and irreverent critics. Let me tell you. I’ve seen some women with the ill hot mess of hair and they rocked it hard like that was actually the look they were going for. I mean hair matted and extra frizzy with a cute hair bow. Now thats questionable.

Solange Knowles hair is absolutely fine. I applaud her for rocking her hair naked and stepping out wig free. No its not in the flyest up do. No its not in the best twist out. No its not perfectly shaped. Her natural fro is actually just very regular. Her hair looks like most women who are growing their hair out. Her hair looks healthy and clean. It doesn’t look unkempt. Her hair looks like its growing out of her head. Helloooo shes still learning her hair just like the rest of us. Unfortunately people are trying to compare her hair to her wigs or those with a looser curl pattern and need to stop.

If your hair resemble anything close to this. Don’t think your hair is not beautiful. I struggled with that, when I was growing my hair out. It had the worst shape ever and was always dry, but with time and patience it came together. Natural hair is very time consuming. Don’t let those Youtube videos fool you. Some of those women have ample time on their hands to do twist outs every night.   And yes that is the only real way to ensure twist outs look perfect every day. The thicker/courser your hair is, the more maintenance you have to do to your hair. Some of the biggest compliments I’ve received on my hair was a few days after my twist out. My hair just looks much more fuller than a fresh twist out in most cases.

Remember ladies….do you and stay focused on YOU!!! Don’t let anyone be sway you, just because they on their drama filled bandwagon of what they think natural hair is supposed to look like. Just focus on maintaining healthy tresses and leave all the whoopla to the wind.

2 responses to “Get off Ms. Solange Hair

  1. True story… I’m learning to embrace the “wild” as my TWA is growing out… Great Post! 🙂

    • Thanks Candice. That’s one of the best things about being natural I think. Its so unique and your own. Even when you’re thinking its a hot mess, someone else is thinking WOW look at her fro!!! WERK IT GURL =)

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