Ebonnets by EboniCurls.com

After a full week of usage…….I’m super excited to share my thoughts on my new satin bonnet made by EboniCurls.com


Cute packages ~ watch out for the staples though. Dont wanna snag your cap!!

Cute packages ~ watch out for the staples though. Dont wanna snag your cap!!

HIGH QUALITY – First of its double-lined with a charmeuse satin, which is super soft and durable. Satin alone is a bit stiff and kindda rough, but these bonnets feel sooo luxurious and smooth on your skin……your hair is going to be in heaven. Even the strings are made of some kind of poly-blend (Don’t quote me. Just know it’s soft) so you’ll never get stuck trying to take the knot out (I hate when that happens).

EDGES FRIENDLY – This bonnet has no exposed elastic, therefor you never will have to worry about your edges being pulled or cutting the circulation on your forehead (you know those forehead marks).

ONE SIZE FITS ALL – If you’re rocking a TWA or your hair is waist length, no worries, because the bonnet expands to however small or large you need it. And she even has children sizes if need be.

ROLLERSET FRIENDLY – This cap is humongous. That’s one of my favorite features. You can literally fit a head full of curl formers underneath. You can fit a high and low pineapple and it won’t be smashed or stuffed in the bonnet (or as much depending on your hair).

STAYS ON – You can secure the bonnet with the cute drawstrings to ensure that it doesn’t slide off your head at night. I still sleep on my satin pillow case with my bonnet (just in case it comes off at night) and even with not tying the strings, I have not lost my bonnet yet.  You all know satin on satin usually means sliding all over the place, but no. This survives the night.

GREAT SELECTION –Another amazing aspect is that there are just so many different patterns to choose from and they are all equally gorgeous. No more basic white/black/pink options. My roommate and I both have one and we have such different styles and personalities, and we were able to find different ones that we were happy with. I actually had a hard time choosing…….

Outer layer of cap

Outer layer of cap

MATCHING – She even offers sets that include the bonnet and the scrunches and even pillow cases.

NO HAIR SNAGS – The scrunchies are perfect for pineapples or just sectioning hair as it prevents snags that can be caused by regular hair ties. (I got 2, because my hair isn’t long enough to do a full high pineapple so I do high and low)

Lets talk CONS……

I actually don’t have any cons. Only tiny points to mention

 It’s a little warm in my bonnet. But for a material like satin that’s pretty warranted. My previous bonnet was a tiny bit warm. I guess since this is double-lines satin, there isn’t much breathing happening in the material. If you are prone to your head sweating at night, you may notice your hair will take a little longer to dry. Try not tying the cap on too tight to allow some air flow. Don’t worry about it slipping off; the construction of this cap is awesome, so that shouldn’t be a concern.

The scrunchies are a wee bit tight if you have really thick hair. I’m hoping that the elastic will loosen with time. At the same time I’m happy its a strong elastic, so that it doesn’t break easily.

Inner layer of cap

Inner layer of cap

And lastly and probably the most obvious, this sucker is expensive. I pray I don’t leave this anywhere. Like I refuse to take this with me on my many travels, for the simple fact that I might leave it and be pissed off.  Do I think it’s worth the price…..mmmmm I mean they are hand made with love and it’s a greatly shown. I really have no complaints. I and many of you spend about that much at the hair salon or for hair products. Both that don’t last very long. This bonnet, I predict with survive many years if taken care of properly. So I’m leaning towards yes. Hopefully as time progresses, she’ll be able to come down just a little bit, but I wouldn’t expect anything less than $30. I’m not even mad at what I paid and thats saying something.

None the less I love my Glamorous satin bonnet cap. 100% DOPESTAMP CERTIFIED!!

Sprinkled Dreams- Double lined Drawstring Ebonnet

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