Fair Trade

Whenever I purchase my butters shea, cocoa, mango…..I always make sure it’s from a fair trade supplier. This way, the workers are not being slaved and are paid decent wages for their work. Fair trading helps reduce poverty and enforces child labor laws. When I started making my own hair products, I became more aware of how it’s actually being made and the work that goes into it. It took me back to when I originally, became aware of fair trade many years ago. I watched and  documentary about growing coffee and how little the workers make. I was blown away as to how much we pay for a cup of coffee in comparison to what they actually make.  So say we pay $5.00 cup and they earn maybe $0.10. WHAT!!! Luckily Starbucks is certified fair trade. Anyways I just think of the people that are working out on these farms and doing all that hard back labor in the heat, so we can have all of our products and our yummies, while big companies can profit.

Trust I know, how it’s incredibly hard to micro manage every purchase you make in life, but if you can at all help it, I say why not =)

Take in consideration when purchasing not only your butters, but also items such as coffee, tea, sugar etc…..

I’m not going to beat you in the head with the subject. But if you are interested, listed are some pretty cool sites for more info




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