$90.00 Tragedy

 $90.00 Tragedy

This was the turning point in my life, where I was like NEVER AGAIN WILL SOMEONE TOUCH MY HAIR!!!

In just a few amount of months I had like 3 or 4 dye jobs and since I wasn’t exactly spending quality time with deep conditioners, my hair was catching a beating. It was so dry and I couldn’t keep it from shedding at the touch.  I needed a super deep conditioner and some trimming. I couldn’t get ahold of the lovely lady that I would have normally seen, so I went to another lady that was recommended to me. ~ Deep over exaggerated sigh~ Though she was sooo sweet, she provided me with the worst salon experience since ever.  And I’ve been told by a stylist that she wasn’t going to do my hair any more, because it was too much work, which I thought was the worst.

Prior to sitting in her chair I grilled her on her hair practices and she appeared to have a clue about natural hair. Well lo and behold I was fooled. It started off not so bad, but once we got to the drying faze, I don’t know why I didn’t get up and run then. I felt like she was going to pull all of my hair out. She was so heavy handed. I was being so patient, because I know everyone has differ methods and I didn’t want to be the client that tells the stylist how to do her job.  She also made effort to change her methods so to not kill me. (Mind you I’m not tender headed by no means, so for me to complain is saying something)

The black flag raiser was when she commenced to trimming my hair and turned me away from the mirror. Now, I have that little special spot in the back of my head where my hair just doesn’t grow with the rest of my hair. Well why instead of blending it she trimmed everything around it to that length. Basically she gave me a haircut and not a trim. She even said to me “well you should wear your hair straight for a while until everything grows back in and then I’ll trim a little more. I can get that spot to blend” WTH!!!! Because I’m exercising a new calmer patient phase in my life, it took every piece of higher power to keep me from going ham and not getting locked up.

Ok so straight it didn’t look bad. I was actually almost pretty. But as you all may know, hat your hair looks like straight doesn’t always translate when curly. So a week later, when I gave in to teh frizzies and washed my hair, I was looking like a hot mess. One side was thinner than the other and the back was tore down.  I was sooooo mad. I don’t even have pictures of that mess.  I tried to wear it one day but was constantly reminded by those horrid events every time someone would say… “Heeey! You cut your hair”.

I had an ephiany. No one will ever touch my hair again…..I vowed to no longer apply heat to my hair or color treat it for at least a year. I forced myself to stop being lazy and careless with my hair. I learned how to do basic trims and went back to making my hair products in my kitchen. Because my fro had the worst shape ever,  I would wear wigs for a week and then wear my hair out in some type of protective style for the next week and rotate the two for almost 2 months. By then my hair had grown into a place that I was more at peace with.

Still a work in progress but so far taking control of my hair has proved successful thus far. And its healthier than it has ever been =) Really I needed someone to traumatize me to get it together with my hair.

I won’t say I’ll never go to a salon again, but it will be a super long time until that happens.


BEFORE ~ APX DEC 2011 (wash&go)


1 MONTH AFTER “TRIM” ~ OCT 2012 (twits out)

 DEC 2012

DEC 2012  (wash&go)

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