Now when I rave about yogurt I’m not speaking of Yoplait fruit on the bottom or Danon fruit on the top sorta thing…..

I’m talking about plain ol yogurt. Ok hear me out. I know it’s not the best tasting on its own but you can really jazz it up and make it your own.

Why yogurt???? (check the link for more deets 10 reasons yogurt is a top health food)

  • Yogurt is easier to digest than milk.
  • Yogurt contributes to colon health.
  • Yogurt improves the bioavailability of other nutrients.
  • Yogurt can boost immunity.
  • Yogurt aids healing after intestinal infections.
  • Yogurt can decrease yeast infections.
  • Yogurt is a rich source of calcium.
  • Yogurt is an excellent source of protein.
  • Yogurt can lower cholesterol.
  • Yogurt is a “grow food.”

Disclaimer: You don’t have to be this strict about your yogurt, but I do recommend being a little strict. I really care about the ingredients and actually don’t mind taking the time to read the label. Yogurt can be expensive, especially if you are injesting several times a week.  Do what’s best for your pockets, but I say go for the plain yogurts and you really can’t go too wrong with the content.

Greek – I like the thicker texture and to me it’s more filling. But regular is just as good and usually have the same nutritional content.

Fat free – I have enough in my life already =) but seriously fat in your yogurt is unnecessary, when you will get it in other things you eat throughout the day.

No added sugar – this is a bit hard to find and I don’t think it exists, so I hunt for the lowest sugar content possible. I prefer to add my own sweetener.

Low sodium  – this is more of a preference. I do realize that yogurt need something so it doesn’t taste completely like sour milk, but I also don’t need it to have enough salt that I can taste it. A lot of times, foods that are fat free tend to have more salt to make it taste better…… Just be mindful of how much salt their adding…

Protein – yogurt has a great supply of protein so it’s usually the last thing I consider. But if all things are the same except one has higher protein…I’d go for more protein.

Bacteria – yogurt is a not quite a probiotic but its filled with bacterias on its own. There are some companies that add extra bacteria’s (probiotic) in their yogurt. Ill discuss probiotics later. But just know it’s important for your bellies heath.

Organic – I don’t really stress on this but it’s a bonus. You can review my blog on organic products.

There are soooo many different brands to choose from, but these are the ones that I enjoy.


Taste of Inspiration (store brand) $4.99


Stonyfield ~ It’s organic and wasn’t too costly at $4.99.



Faje is pretty much top of the line, but boy is it expensive at $6.99 and the lowest I’ve seen. I have to be somewhere, where I’m limited on options.

For taste:

I say keep it simple but yummy =)

I personally use natural jams. Be careful with jellies,  jams and preserves…many are piled with a bunch of ingredients that are unnecessary. You do not need the cane sugar, with the sugar, with the corn syrup, and the high fructose corn syrup… Im exaggerating, but Smackers and Welchers have jellies that aren’t far from my example (they have gotten better and now have better version too). I like to sprinkle some granola, different nuts, sunflower seed, or gogi berries on top as well. All depending on my mood.

These are my faves.


Bonne Maman makes some yummy preserves and jellies using all natural ingredients, but they add sugar =(


St. Dalfour sweetens with grapes and I likey that =) A little pricey though at apx $4.00 for a tiny jar and I no likey that


my breakfast

Fruit of your choice ie. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, figs……

Even honey is a winner. Honey has so many health benefits it’s amazing. I’ll put you in on all that.

They actually sell yogurt already flavored with honey. I personally find that they are too sweet for my liking and if I want honey flavored yogurt I can just add it myself and make it as sweet as I prefer.

Vanilla flavored yogurt. I have the same feeling for this as I have for honey favored yogurt.

It may be a shock to your taste buds initially…..not having all that sure and all, but your body will appreciate it soon enough.

How do you eat your yogurt?

What are your favorite brands?

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