My Nighttime Routine

My Nighttime Routine


My main routine is to tie my hair with a scarf. I have not found a satin scarf that I can say that I’m in love with so I’ve been using what I believe in Rayon or some kindda poly blend. I have not experienced and drying as I would if I wore cotton over my hair so I’ve been using it for several years now. I love my scarf to death. I’ve tried to use an actual piece of satin, but it’s just so stiff, I just cant keep on my head at night.

Arguably, the best option would be the satin bonnet. They are quick and easy to throw on your heard and wont come off as easily s wearing the scarf. I just love my scarf =) I feel so grandma with the bonnet on.  Buuut, I will say the bonnet is the better option when I comes to doing the pineapple at night. Wearing the scarf can smash your curls at the top.

IMG_1333                IMG_1335                       IMG_1336

I really like this bonnet because inside is line in satin. This was a Sally’s purchase at $5.99

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