Hair Chat

I had an interesting conversation with a young lady when I was in the airport. She says to me that she loved my hair and so forth. Now mind you my hair was going through some thangs that particular day so I was loving the compliment and to know that I wasn’t looking that cray.  She commences to say that her hair has been natural for years, but she never wear it out and that she presses it out almost everyday. WHAT!!! She says her hair is actually similar to mines and that she wishes he hair would look like mine when she wets it, but it just sits on the top of her head and she don’t like it. She is tired of pressing her hair out and is just going to get a perm.

I’m like missy my hair sits on the top of my head too.  What you see right now, the hair that you just love, is the results of a long day in the FL humidity.  When I left the house, my hair was stretched and tamed; now its curly.  You need to train and spend time wit your hair. Embrace your curl pattern, Pressing your hair out almost everyday is just as bad as a perm….She has me explain my hair routine and yada and then out of nowhere, she cuts me off. I think the girl was about to die when she says “ I still have to deal with humidity with my natural hair??? I’m just getting a perm!”

Huummm I wander what was her reasoning for growing her hair out in the first place. I hope she didn’t think that you just stop perming your hair and instantly look like Solange Knowles.

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