Flaxseed Gel


One of my notable natrual hair remedies is making a flax seed gel. I find this to be my favorite hair gel. First of all it’s natural. It can literally 2 ingredients (H20 and flax seed) and it’s amazing. I also add a few different oils to my gel to increase its moisturizing properties, but if you plan to moisturize your hair by some other means, you do not and should not need to do this because it can make your hair too oily.

I use it on my twist outs, to define my curls, for my wash and go…..anything I would normally use gel for. Maybe not for anything that requires a lot of hold, but I don’t do any styles like that so that doesn’t affect me.

I’m not saying throw away your ecostyler because it still a bomb product (especially if you are traveling since you don’t have to keep it refrigerated)……I personally like using the flax seed gel better.

  1. I know what in it
  2. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling stiff or dry after a while. The FSG works with my hair and keeps it nice and moisturized.
  3. If I reapply though out the week for whatever reason, FSG doesn’t give a feeling of buildup.
  4. I don’t feel obligated to wash my hair as often.

I boil apx 2 cups of water to ¾ cup of flaxseeds. The less water you add the thicker your gel will be. Right now I prefer the more liquidly texture, because I find it to be a little less messy because it doesn’t slop all over the place as much.

Yes this gel is a pain in a butt to use if you just put it in a jar and scoop with your hands. I pour my gel solution in a bottle with a pump. This makes using this gel less of a choir and is easier to apply to your hair rather than scooping out of a jar and getting it all over the place.

There are no preservatives in this gel, so you need to keep it refrigerated and I will last you apx 3 weeks. Do not throw away the seeds from the boil. Store them in the freezer and use them again.

6 responses to “Flaxseed Gel

  1. I just literally bought some flax seeds to make this gel. I didn’t think to use a pump jar. Thanks so much for the idea, now to go find a jar 🙂

    • I love Flaxseed gel, but girl it’s messy if you just scoop it out of a bowl. You’ll have gel all over the counter, on the floor, on your face, cloths….EVERYWHERE lol. With the pump its much more manageable and you can pump right onto your hair. OH and don’t go as nutso with the oils like I did (if you do add). You don’t need that much. I’m confident you’ll love it too =)

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